Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Into the professional world..

7th Jan we stepped into ' the dark world with a bright lamp of mechanical engineering' (courtesy Srinu :) ). I am currently doing my PS2 (Industrial training) at Mercedes Benz Bangalore.. the same city in which currently load-shedding is excercised every eve.. hence a bright lamp is necessary!!

Esp after PS1, where I hardly knew anything 'mechanical', there had to be a lil bit apprehension in my mind on the very first day in merc. But work culture here, and my 'gained :)' mechanical knowledge in the junior year made me comfortable in no time. What took a lot of time is getting used to calling my mentor by his first name. In this world, its an 'insult' if you call them sir.. I liked it. It naturally reduces a formal distance, which, othewise would have been there in a teacher and a student. Unlike PS1, you are treated as employees..and suggestions and improvements suggested by you are welcomed.. which I like to give ;). Deadlines, weekly tracking meeting, biweekly reports, fortnightly departmental talks on latest research, periodical presentations, monthly bday celebrations, departmental outings (longing for this one ) and chatting on gtalk,which you are not supposed to do :).. is what makes a proffesional world different from college.

Well, two months after, I think I am enjoying this atmosphere. And with my PS mates (bitsians @ Merc), the day is totally rocking. Mercidents.. I mean 'incidents @ merc' deserves a saperate blog, which has already been created. Daily we have 'working breaks' in between our cafeteria 'discussions'.... where Literally ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN OVER A COFFEE!!!


  1. welcome to the world of blogging..

    keep writing aalashi mansa.

    aani he hay, swatahach swatahachya blog cha follower??

  2. chafya, follower of ur own blog! :D

    welcome btw :-)

    bhadya, kadhi tari reply karat ja gtalk var :-/

  3. Hey,
    Seems like you are having a real good time at Mercedes Benz, Bangalore......and as two of the above three have pointed out, how can you be the follower of your own blog?

  4. @ all the ppl above..
    Thank you so much..
    n yaa..there has to b a 1st one na!! hehe..was just trying various options on blogspot.. so tried vt a follower is.. :)

  5. lol @ chafya!! :D godlike \m/

  6. Ob...
    Tu aur teri coffee :P
    anyways welcome to Bloggers society :D
    Keep Blogging :)

  7. wow!
    guess who this is?
    nice blog this one... tho the guys v/s gais blog...there were so many "guys" and "gais" in there... my head started spinning!!
    (where are the gals n pals buddy!?!? X-( )

  8. jaha tejas hai...waha to dono GUYS aur GIRLS uske peeche hoti hi hai :P