Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guys vs Gais..

The other day I was walking to merc.. (I have to.. coz daily my land lady gives me parathas with amul butter as and I observed something which is generally seen on the Indian roads but seldom given a thought...

A farmer (a normal farmer.. not the farmer who is a celebrity :) ) was walking on the road with his cattle following him. There were 4 'gies' and a bull.. along with many 'guys' travelling in their Santros,Citys and Camrys.. which really made the road busy. I had to steer my way out through these guys and gais.. Btw in India, a cow is called a Gai while in the western world a Guy is kind of a 'dood' fella!!

Well coming to the point.. I saw that these Gais switched their lane, and started walking in the middle of the road, without changing their speed.. and to my surprise, the Guys, with full respect, were patiently waiting behind them..without even blowing a horn. They waited till there was sufficient place to drive their vehicle through and then without disturbing/ intimidating the poor cattle.. steered their way out. This is a routine, and neither the guys nor the gais are irritated. It is a kind of bonding that nature has created..

Before I finished thinking as how healthy this adhesive interaction is.. a thought of a cohesive interaction popped up in my mind.. The situation of 'me' being in place of the Gais.. Honk! Honk!! **** Honk!!!..*****.. Dhadam!!!! n I would have opened my eyes in Appolo hospital.. I think we are really insulting a Gai by calling it a Cow.. meaning to terrorise.. which actually should be used for a Guy!

I started thinking why these Gais get such a reverence.. Quietly driving behind a walking Gai during morning peak hours would require so much patience.. and if Guys can show that much patience, what happens to it if some other Guy, or Cyclewala comes in between?? Why do we hear certain special 'words of respect' exchanged in between them!!

Ok Guys.. start thinking.. I can initiate the process by givin one reason.. According to Hindu mythology.."There are 14 Crore Gods in a Gai's stomach" ....... :)

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