Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I live by myself and I didn't have any special plans for Thanksgiving. One of my colleagues said “It’s a crime to be alone in USA during Thanksgiving” and this made me think about this Turkey day. If you Google about thanksgiving you will get tons of pages stating its history, importance and how the turkey came into picture. I would like to tell what it means to me.

Coming from half the world around, I never celebrated thanksgiving until four years back. So after coming to the US, thanksgiving was just another long weekend for me. Apparently all US holidays precede or succeed the weekend and hence giving a long weekend. Thanksgiving coupled with Black Friday gives four days off and hence a good time to travel and shop. First couple years I was in Michigan doing my masters. The university had to schedule final exams just after thanksgiving and hence we spent time studying. The next year two years I was in California. This means 24x7 sunny weather and hence four days of total enjoyment. I went biking, hiking, camping and all sorts of other outdoor activities coupled with lots of shopping. This year I am in Boston. Temperatures are negative, my Arduino is not working and hence I have no other option but to sit home and write this blog post!!

So when I think about thanksgiving and Christmas I realize this period is the time when people spend time with their families. I have observed people visiting there wife/ girlfriend side families during thanksgiving and husband/ boyfriend side families during Christmas. We never felt a need of special occasions to visit families as back home we stay with our families pretty much all year. And hence, today when all my colleagues are taking an entire week off to meet their families, I miss mine a lot.

But this is a special time frame for every Indian. Its November.. Meaning one month away from taking a long vacation to visit home. (Generally people like me try to take time off once every year to visit India and this time frame is generally December). Christmas, to me, is nothing but dreaming about what I will be doing at home after couple days and this dreaming begins at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving shopping is dedicated to all the siblings, grand/ parents and cousins back homeJ. The month of December here is generally slow paced, festive month. But for me, it’s fast paced, a month of making plans to spend time with my loved ones and live all those moments that I missed within last year. It’s the time to dream about asking Mom to make the food I like, giving her hard time as she did not look after my Activa, stealing Dad’s car and roaming on the streets of the city, meeting old school friends and reviving the golden moments, having “appachi khichadi”, “nana kadcha chaha”, “durga chi coffee” and “vaishali cha dosa”. It’s dreaming about “Sinhagad”, “Khadakwasla”, “MIT chi Tekdi”, sitting on two-wheelers and chit chatting late night in the parking lots of my apartment and all those Pune specific exciting things that I will be living in a short while.  And..oh yeah.. and its also about teasing friends who recently had their trips to India and will be staying back during Christmas! J
                                                                                             (taken from Google Image search)

So.. Happy thanksgiving everyone… “houde kharcha” J