Monday, June 15, 2009


Though its said that the "church is still there.." the life has to go on.... There has to be some day when we have to take a step ahead. For me it was this friday.. my graduation day. Four years before I embarked on the engineering voyage and within no time I made it as a successful (??!!) Mechanical engineer. The years passed like minutes and there it came.. the Friday.. where I bid adios to my undergrad engineering and took a small step ahead. Today when I sit and close my eyes I feel there has to be something dedicated to all my PS mates at Merc, for all the fun that we had, for all the 'phattas' and 'pulling of each others legs' we did and for all the emotional sentiments we exchanged... This is it.. cheers guys!!

It all started from my birthday. It was the very first time when we all went out together.. and since then some sort of wierd and unusual things have occured. Latchumi turned nonvegetarian on my birthday treat. We had heard that she was famous for her monologue "I will kill you" when someone would really really irritate her.. Last sem I guess it was for Sankalp after three months... Suyash (which was later famous as the BAD BOY) made her to say it within seven days!!! :D. and then it repeated nearly everyday :)

Next was Chaitanya.. with his Titanic story. On his birthday he narrated the whole story of how he proposed his girlfriend..rather how SHE proposed HIM over a titanic movie! It was so unique and unusual that he filed its copyright. We were listning to his story outside foodcourt where Alekh got a grasp of my cell phone and called a girl from my list which he declared as my girlfriend!.. LOL!!.. Latchumi coined a name for me based on her (not to me disclosed here!!! :D) and the very next day it was printed on my nameplate, written on white boards and told to all of my mentors.

First couple of months was the time fo MS/PhD admits. I remember Suyash comming and telling... "Abbey UIUC aa gaya!!". We congratulated him.. then he went to his place.. refreshed his inbox.. again came back.. "Abbey Wisconsin aa gaya!!... Wow.. 2 admits in one shot.. The next day he got Purdue.. and we had treat slots getting booked for weekends. Poor Mayank, who had applied for MBA, used to google "MDI Final 2009" atleast twice a mintute for all the five months. Finally in the month of may he got an admit from MDI. \m/

Our day used to start over a coffee at 10 in the morning. Next we used to meet at 12 noon for lunch. Then after eating handful of sauf.. which according to Latchi we (boys) shouldn't because of some reasons :D :D, we used to go for a walk. First month we used to get out from the service entarance, but it seems that management came to know about this and they stopped us from using that way. Now we had to 'sign-out' and then go. It used to be "a walk to remember" where generally only Latchumi and Vaishnavi were heavily teased by me Mayank, Suyash, Vivek and Chaitanya (Sorry di, for all that :) ). Hmm.. some of Latchi's secrets were leaked when Vivek read all her cell messages..and told everything to us.. without she even knowing it!! (ye padhne ke baad vivek ka kya hoga!) A walk till the church and back was really some of the great times which we spent together. Our days were full with lots of weirdo incidances. Once over an afternoon coffee Suyash told the story of how he conveniently fooled one of his friends by telling him that Vivek is filing a patent. Now Vivek, as we know him for last four years, filing a patent was a BIG thing. We pity that poor fellow who still belives that it was the truth :D :D... Hey but guys.. hold on.. It can be... Vivek is really on his way to file one.

We got together so well that we felt these six months as a split second. With all the outings, treats, chatting, coffee discussions and debates, which would end in the famous "Mein nahi manta" dialogue (iske age bhala kaun kya kahega!!!) from the one who has exhausted with all his points, the time went very fast. And then it came.. the last friday. We decided to gather at Mayank's place for a night out. We played cards, DumbC, watched T20 and chatted for a long time. We had planned for a ceremony, which BITS never does.. Our convocation. and hence had bought some caps. We drew a Benz logo on it and everyone signed every other cap. Then at the stroke of midnight, when all world goes to sleep, we all went on the roof (lekin ladkion ki wajah se beer ya champagne kuch bhi nahi laya tha!), toasted for our successful graduation and threw our caps in air. It was the moment when I felt that I have achieved something in life. This was the time when I realised that now I am a degree holder, a responsible person.. this life has some market value. This was the time when I felt ki ab spoon-feeding bas.. ab tum is kaliyug me akele phek diye gaye ho..and you have to find your lamp, you have to sketch your path and you have to make your decisions.

Ab DCH to banta tha.. and then at the day break.. it was the time to part. Me and mayank were leaving on the same day and Suyash on the very next. All started to leave Mayank's place by 5:30. Suyash by mistake left his file upstairs.. As someone went to collect it, he unconsciously said.. "Abbe kal diyo!!!".. but soon realised.. there was no "Kal" now. It was the time when we all really felt that its over.. we have to move on. The best part of it was that everyone had achieved what they desired... be it the admits in top schools for higher studies or jobs in various prestigious companies like Mercedes, WelsFargo or Shell. Everyone was happy, contended and ready to take the next step in life.

These past 6 months were some of the most AWESOME times that I have spent with my friends. Today for some of us, its really difficult to accept the fact that we will be going in different directions, there would be no more pulling of legs, no more "mein nahi manta" debates, no more "kya baat kar raha hai.. saale" monologues, no more "yay am back" messages and no more discussions for deciding who is the one.. Oops or Chandru !! :). But as I said.. the life goes on. Though we might not meet again (till Latchumi's marriage... apne dad ko jaldi bata de yaar!! ), still via net, gtalk we would definately remain in touch. For all my friends... ye zindagi bhale tumko kahi par bhi le jaye.. phod dena!!.. all the best and scale new heights!!!

(Dasvidaniyan is a russian word meaning.. Good bye and See you soon :) )

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